Rehabilitaion Pilates

040916_0547wbPilates is very beneficial for many issues, ailments, and injuries.  Pilates can help with balance, strength, pain reduction, flexibility, mobility, alignment, breathing and more awareness of your body.  I have an extensive background working with the following issues:




Hip/Knee Replacement


Herniated Discs




Shoulder/Rotator Cuff

Guillian-Barre Syndrome

2 thoughts on “Rehabilitaion Pilates

  1. Susan

    Hi Courtney,

    I hope this website is still working. I saw the post about Melody and her scoliosis. I am amazed at how it improved seriously!!
    I have scoliosis myself and I am now in contact with a person that works in pilates and I called her and will meet her today after work!
    I am so amazed at the results that Melody got, WOW WOW WOW!
    Can you please tell me more about the method you used? which machines? I can tell my instructor about this. Or I can even tell her to contact you. She said she can definitely help me with my scoliosis with Pilates.. how about her brace? what kind of brace did she use? how old was Melody when she started the program? I can see that in 3 months her curve decreased 14 degrees that is AMAZING!! I have a 29 degree curve.. I wish I could let it go downnnnnnn….

    Anyway, Thank you and hope I can hear from you.

    1. courlates


      i am so happy to recieve your message and answer your questions. yes i am amazed at melody’s progress as well. melody is seeing a doctor in new york. i do not know the name of the brace, but it looked similiar to a gertal with straps and velcro, you could not see it under her clothes. she is in her early fifties. she came to me needing help with the exercises her doctor recommended and i created a routine for her to do at home as well. she was very proactive and worked hard on her own as well as with me. side note, i have scoliosis as well and doing the exercises with her helped me as well. i would be happy to chat with your instructor. the exercises you will need to do need to oppose the curve. do you know where in your spine the curve is and what kind of curve?


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