About Courtney

I am originally from Western North Carolina and began my journey to Pilates at New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Dance Department. I experienced my first Pilates classes with Pilates Elder, Kathy Grant. A very powerful and amazing teacher. Ms. Grant was one of the few who was certified by Joseph Pilates himself. Learning Pilates from her, was the closest I would ever get to the creator of Pilates, so I was hooked! I graduated from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts , with a BFA in Dance, in 1992.

Throughout the following years of teaching dance, yoga and skiing I finally made my way back to Pilates. I was certified in 2004 by Karena Thek at Pilates Teck, Inc., in Newhall, California. I am continuing my teaching career here in Salt Lake City, Utah at my studio, The Pilates Edge.

I specialize in rehab Pilates, pregnancy, post natal and strength training. My goal as an instructor is to guide and help clients find a stronger edge with their bodies. Whether you are recovering from an injury, want to get back in shape after pregnancy or want to continue challenging yourself, Pilates is your answer. Come and find your edge with Pilates! Getting your edge back could mean gardening again!, going for a hike!, playing with your grand children!, carrying your toddler with more ease!, or making better turns on the ski/snowboard slope! I believe it is very important for our well-being to be able to continue doing the activities we all love. Pilates can take you there!

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