Cathy Raiman

The Pilates community at Pilates Teck, in Newhall California, where I used to teach, just lost a dear friend and client to breast cancer.  Cathy fought for 9 years, and I mean fought.  Like her husband says ” she was a warrior.” 

I taught her many times and even though she complained most of the time, she still liked to get her butt kicked.  One day she came for a class and wanted to do an hour of arm exercises.  She was going on a cruise and wanted to show her arms.  Well, after about 15 minutes of arms she gave in.  It is hard to do arms for an hour.  She was constantly using her theraband at home to do arm exercises as well.  She was obsessed with her arms.

During my next workout I plan on doing as many arm exercises as possible in honor of  Cathy.  Thank you for all your love and support over the years.  I will miss you Cathy.






Cathy and I at the Circle of  Hope Fundraiser at Pilates Teck,  April 2007

2 thoughts on “Cathy Raiman

    1. courlates

      hey phil………karena had posted this pic on her website and i needed to post it on my blog….so glad you saw it, did you read the arm exercise one….a tribute to cathy, she is missed…..hope you are hanging in there…all my love, courtney

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