Living Closer To Pilates Studio!

I am so excited, my husband, son and I have moved right around the corner from the Pilates studio, where I teach.  Love being back in Sugarhouse.  My husband and I lived in this neighborhood before we moved to California in 2003.  I will be able to spend more time in the studio and also be able to do my own workouts more.  I am definitely addicted to Pilates and the way it makes me stronger and leaner.  So come and do some Pilates with me.  Summer is almost over and the kids will be back in school!  Hopefully the moms out there will have a few hours to themselves and we will get back to a normal schedule.  Let’s stay fit the whole year, not just for the summer!!

One thought on “Living Closer To Pilates Studio!

  1. wow! Your site is looking really good. I haven’t visited in awhile. It’s nice to be able to read about the benefits of Pilates in the little snippets of examples that you provide. Everything from weight loss for mommies to the health benefits for a cardiac patient. Pilates rocks! Karena

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