Watch, “Pilates for Healthy Bodies,” produced and hosted by Karena Thek Lineback, my certifying teacher in Southern CA

This July 4th weekend I finally had time to sit down and watch “Pilates for Healthy Bodies,” produced and hosted by Karena Thek Lineback.  I started my Pilates Certification, with Karena, almost six years ago.  She gave me the knowledge and expertise that I have today to help you have a healthy body with Pilates.  I received my certification in 2004.

Wow, so great to see Karena, put on film her approach and thoughts about Pilates.  Karena discusses five principles that will bring  you a healthier body.  Those principles are breathing, concentration, core, flexibility and fluidity.  Breathing, helps relax those muscles that are tense.  Concentrating on your body moving, can quite the mind.  strengthening the core of the body part that is weak.  Becoming more flexible in your legs so walking the dog is easier.  Having more fluidity in your movements incorporates all the principles.  Wherever you may be in your physical fitness level these five principles can help you start doing the things you love again.  Recovering from an injury or surgery,  being out of shape, just wanting to be stronger, to start gardening again, or play with your grandchildren.  Karena shows you the path to achieving these goals.  Karena passed on to me this helpful and supportive approach, which I share with every client.  Let’s find your  healthier body.  Start Living Stronger!

If you would like to see a sample of the program, there is a link on my blogroll to “Pilates for Healthy Bodies.”

I just want to say a few things about the participants who took part in the program.  It was so wonderful to see you all!!  When I was teaching at Pilates Teck, Karena’s studio, I was able to work with many of you.  I miss you all and everyone looks fabulous!  Special note to Suzi and Karena, you don’t look cold at all, except for the pink snow boots!

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