Raft for the Cure-June 27-Moab

I donated some gift certificates for Pilates classes to the Raft for the Cure silent auction, which is happening today, in Moab Utah.  It makes me feel so good to share my services with such a good cause.  My mother and many friends are breast cancer survivors!  I hate cancer, basically, which I think most people feel the same way I do. 

I found out this week that one of my dear friends will be starting chemo next week, yuck!!!!!  I just hate that she will have to go through all of the horrible side effects that go with it.  So I am approaching this, feeling, that the glass is half full, and thank god, there is chemo for her to take.  I know she will take it on with all the strength she has in her heart and soul.  She will be triumphant!!  I will be her cheerleader the whole way. 

I hope the Raft for the Cure event raises lot’s of money today and we get closer to getting ride of Cancer!!!!!!

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