I Love Teaching Pilates!

Ok so, I have almost lost 40 pounds!!!!  Yeah!!!  I still have about 10 more, but I am now entering the home stretch!!!  I am also really enjoying teaching Pilates again after a long break. It is so what I am about, it’s not even funny.  I just got back from a visit to my home state of North Carolina.  Spent time seeing old friends and was asked “what are you doing?”  I replied, “I am starting a Pilates business and working on finding new clients.”  My friend Leslie told me that her father was going to see his cardiologist for a checkup and was going to make sure he could still do Pilates.  Pilates had obviously changed his life for the better.  This is the very reason I love what I do.  Anyone can do Pilates and it will help them to be able to do all the things they love.  My client, Debbie, has felt huge differences in her daily life, just from coming to Pilates once a week.  Her job requires lots of sitting and computer work and she loves to garden.  Her day at work has become less fatiguing and working in the garden doesn’t make her so sore anymore.  So get on the band wagon and do some Pilates!!!

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